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We’re all about offering the best in-store prices on Mapei products for customers all across Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga. If you are a homeowner that needs Mapei Ultracolor Plus while working on a DIY renovation or a contractor working a big renovation or construction project, you’ll find great prices on Mapei products in our stores.

Additionally, for contractors we have a VIP program that our contractor clients can sign up for to take advantage of exclusive discounts and save big on their bulk purchases. So if you are looking for products from Mapei, you’ll definitely want to visit any of our locations for high-quality and affordable adhesives and sealants.

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Mapei was founded in Milan in 1937. In that time, the company has become a world leader in the production of adhesives and other chemical products for the building and construction industry.

This is why we are so proud to be a Mapei Primer, Adhesive, Polymer, and Grout supplier. No matter what supplies you need for your renovation project, you can bet that we can satisfy all of your Mapei needs. Our knowledgeable experts are available to walk you through our product offerings and help you find the products for your project.

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Our teams always strives to to stock our stores with quality products from Mapei. Want to get a taste of the products you can find at FlooReno? Then we invite you to peruse some of the Mapei products from our stores below. Happy shopping!
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How Much Does Mapei Adhesives and Sealants Paint Cost?
✓ Tile Mortar with Polymer Costs $25-$55
✓ Tile Grout Costs $25 – $45
✓ Tile Adhesive Costs $25 – $75
✓ Primer Costs $38-$139
✓ Tile Adhesive Costs $25-$520
✓ Tile Primer Costs $26-$69
What Mapei Products Do We Carry?

We carry an extensive collection of adhesives and sealants from Mapei, including primers, tile adhesives, tile grout, tile adhesives, underlayment, and tile mortar.

What Mapei Adhesives Good For Tiles?

Mapei manufactures adhesives designed specifically for tiles. Their adhesives are extremely strong and durable and offer industry leading standards.

Is Mapei a Canadian company?

No. Mapei was founded in Milan. Though it is a transnational company that has an office in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Mapei also has its manufacturing facilities located all over Canada.

How Long Do Mapei Adhesives Take to Set and Dry?

Mapei adhesive drys in 24 hours making the tile ready for traffic, but it can walked on in as little as 3 to 4 hours.

Who Manufacturers Mapei Products?

Mapei is controlled by an umbrella company called Emme Esse Vi s.r.l. Which is a holding company that owns more than 90% of the shares of the company.

Are Mapei Tile Adhesives Waterproof?

Mapei offers a variety of mould and water resistant tile adhesive and sealant products that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

How Long Can I Store My Mapei Adhesive?

Mapei adhesives have a 6 month shelf life before the adhesives starts to lose its effectiveness.

How Big Is Mapei?

Mapei is a family run and operated business with yearly revenues around roughly $2 billion USD.

Does Mapei Stand For Something?

Mapei actually is an acrynom for Materiali Ausiliari Per l’Edilizia e l’Industria (Auxiliary Materials for Building and Industry).

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