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We always strive to stock our online store with the best vents and accessories from Fittes (Aria Vents). Want to get a taste of the products you can find at FlooReno? Then we invite you to explore some of the Fittesvents and other products online below. Happy shopping!
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Fittes, formerly known as Aria Vents, were invented to solve the innovation issue behind the modern day vent. After many advancements in construction design, Fittes created a vent that seamlessly integrates with your properties aesthetic. Offering a minimal design that doesn’t interrupt the flow on your home, Fittes has become a popular choice for homeowners.

Additionally, for contractors we have a VIP program that our contractor clients can sign up for to take advantage of bulk discounts and save big on their wholesale purchases. So if you are looking for products from Fittes, you’ll definitely want to visit any of our locations.

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Fittes, formerly known are Aria Vents, stands out as a brand dedicated to creating intuitive, stylish alternatives to conventional building components and accessories. Established in September 2016 by the father-daughter team of Paolo and Roberta, their shared passion for innovative design led to the development of patented modular solutions adaptable to any surface.

This vision was born from Paolo’s observation that while construction design had advanced, mechanical components lagged behind. With their flagship product, the Aria Vent (fondly known as the OG), boasting over 1 million units sold, Fittes is poised to revolutionize everyday home accessories for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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Answers To Your Questions

Fittes Vents FAQs.

Are Fittes Aria vents worth it?

Absolutely. Here’s why Aria vents by Fittes are an exceptional choice for homeowners:

  1. Premium Materials: Crafted from top-notch materials like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, Aria vents ensure longevity and value for your investment.
  2. Contemporary Design: Aria vents boast a modern, minimalist design that seamlessly complements your home decor.
  3. Tailored to Your Tastes: Modular and customizable, Aria vents let you choose size, color, texture, and finish, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.
  4. Simple Installation: Designed for easy DIY projects, Aria vents come in accurately advertised sizes and include clear, user-friendly instructions.
  5. Energy Efficiency: With adjustable louvers, Aria vents help regulate airflow, keeping your home comfortable and energy bills in check.
  6. Low Maintenance: These vents require minimal upkeep, occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep them looking their best. Plus, they’re rust and corrosion-resistant for long-term durability.
  7. Proudly Canadian: Manufactured in Canada, you’re supporting a domestic company known for quality products and exceptional customer service.
  8. Eco-Friendly: Aria vents are made with sustainable materials and designed for energy efficiency, reducing your environmental impact.
  9. Outstanding Support: Fittes provides excellent customer service, offering the information you need for informed decisions and backing their products with a warranty for peace of mind.
Can you put a filter on an Fittes Aria vent?

Currently, an Aria vent does not have the ability to have an air filter inserted.

Can you use the Fittes Aria vent with carpet?

Absolutely. The Fittes Aria vent is versatile and compatible with various surfaces, including tile, hardwood, carpet, vinyl, cork, and more. It can be retrofitted onto any surface after the material is installed, and the vent remains open continuously for efficient airflow.

Can I paint my new Fittes Aria vent to match my decor?

Yes! The frame and plate are intentionally designed for customization. You can paint or wallpaper them to seamlessly blend with your walls. We recommend using a primer for best results.

Why did Aria Vents change their name to Fittes?

Aria Vent has transformed into Fittes Co. to signal its broader scope beyond vents. This rebranding reflects Fittes Co.’s growth from its initial product, the Aria Vent, to encompass a wide array of top-notch interior finishes.

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