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CGC has an extensive range of products including ceiling tiles and panels, drywall solutions, walls, floors and tiles, roofing materials, and industrial supplies. CGC is committed to providing you with the highest quality options for your construction projects. Backed by years of industry expertise and a passion for innovation, their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction while ensuring durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Explore CGC’s products at FlooReno in-store or online!

For our valued contractors, we offer an exclusive VIP program, allowing them to unlock exclusive discounts and substantial savings on bulk purchases. If you’re seeking CGC products, be sure to visit any of our FlooReno locations or shop online, to access a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

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Established in 1907 in Nova Scotia, CGC has become a trusted name in Canada’s building materials industry, offering innovative wall and ceiling solutions for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. With a commitment to research and development, CGC is constantly striving to meet customer needs.

Discover the exceptional range of CGC products available at our store, your trusted building supplies provider. From high-quality drywall and compounds to reliable tape, setting materials, repair kits, and more, our store offers everything you need for your project. Experience the quality and versatility of CGC products as you embark on your renovation journey.

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Answers To your Questions

Frequent Questions From Our Customers.

How Much Do CGC Products Cost?
✓ Drywall Costs $14 – $24
✓ Joint Compound Costs $23 – $25
✓ Lite Drywall Compound Costs $19 – $25
✓ Machine Mud Compound Costs $20 – $25
✓ Drywall Tape Costs $6 – $88
✓ Dust Control Drywall Compound Costs $11 – $30
What CGC Products Do We Carry?

From CGC, we carry a number of drywall products and accessories, including drywall, compounds, drywall tape, drywall repair products, setting, and more.

Is CGC a Canadian company?

Yes. CGC began in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1907.

What is the Difference Between CGC and USG ?

CGC Drywall is a different business entity than USG Drywall, but CGS benefits greatly from international partnerships that share all the newest in drywall technologies with each other. Making them the industry leader in drywall in North America and the world leader in acoustical ceilings.

What is CGC Drywall Compound?

CGC drywall compound uses a formulation with a vinyl base that is comes pre-mixed to create a smooth, consistent and ready to apply compound. CGC Drywall Compound can be used for taping, filing and finishing all sorts of drywall jobs.

What's the Differeance Between Joint Compound and Spackle?

The best choice for taping and finishing drywall seams is joint compound, while the best choice for filling in small to large holes in your walls is spackle. However, joint compound typically dries much slower than spackle, so you can still fill holes with joint compound.

Does CGC Drywall Products Contain Asbestos?

CGC Drywall products have not used asbestos in any of it’s drywall compound products for years. You can be sure that working with any modern CGC Drywall product, it has been vetted and tested for safe use, handling and installation.

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Laith H. – The showroom is top notch and the service is excellent! I highly recommend FlooReno for all your contracting needs! Forget HomeDepot, FlooReno has it all!

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Andrew M. – Fantastic service! Kareem helped us from start to finish. In an industry where you could easily be led astray I would highly recommend this company. They take care of you and their products are excellent.

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Diane X. – We went to buy supplies and tiles for our bathroom, and they had everything I needed. Truly a one stop shop!! Thank you for your service!! : )

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Hussein H. – The selection a pricing is top notch, and the service is even better. Shawna was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend to all of contactor friends. This is the place to go!!

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Napoleon P. – The place is clean and the prices are good…the products and tools are quality for a good price. ?

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Nour T. – I went in with my husband to pick flooring for our condo, and they were amazing to deal with. They made the process so easy, Kareem the manager was very easy to deal with and truly cares about his customers. I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

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