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We always strive to stock our online store the best tools from Sigma. Want to get a taste of the products you can find at FlooReno? Then we invite you to explore some of the Sigma tile cutters and other products online below. Happy shopping!
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Discover the exceptional range of Sigma Tile Cutters, designed to meet the diverse needs of professional tilers. These cutters are engineered for maximum cutting performance, the ergonomic handles ensure comfortable operation, while the robust structure provides both strength and lightness. Featuring an adjustable cutting button for frequently used angles, allowing for quick positioning and increased efficiency. Visit FlooReno in-store or shop online for our collection of Sigma Tile Cutters.

For our contractor clients, we have a VIP Program which gives exclusive wholesale discounts and significant savings on bulk purchases. Sign up with FlooReno are enjoy the best prices on Sigma Tile Cutters.

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Sigma has been dedicated to the production of exceptional tile cutters since 1964. With a focus on meeting the evolving needs of professionals, Sigma has continually developed high-quality tools for tilers worldwide. Their commitment to manufacturing excellence is evident in the rigorous testing processes at every stage of production, ensuring the creation of durable and reliable products. With in-house technicians utilizing cutting-edge CAD and 3D programs, Sigma’s design team consistently delivers innovative and ergonomic solutions.

Compliant with current European standards, Sigma tile cutters offer a combination of precision mechanics, robust structures, and user-friendly features. Trust Sigma to provide you with tile cutters that deliver outstanding performance and durability for all your tiling projects.

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Answers To your Questions

Sigma Tile Cutters FAQs.

How much do Sigma Tile Cutters cost?
✓ Tile Cutter Costs $299-$884
What Sigma products do FlooReno stock?

We carry a wide range of Sigma Tile Cutters and other Sigma products online and in-store. Please don’t hestitate to call one of our showrooms if we our out of stock online, our team will try their best to accompidate you.

Sigma Tile Cutters Series 3 – 3E4M, 3D4, 3C2, 3B4
Sigma Manual Tile Cutter – 2B3
Sigma Tile Cutters Series 4

Can you replace the wheel in a Sigma Tile Cutter?

Yes! It it recommended to replace to scoring wheel in your tile cutter to maintain its proper functionality. Over time the scoring wheel in your Sigma Tile Cutter can become blunt and lose some of it’s precision, by replacing the wheel you can restore your tile cutter back to its original state.

What size is the scoring wheel on a Sigma Tile Cutter?

There are many different sizes for scoring wheels, it can depend on the specific tile and renovation project, we recommend speaking to one of our experts in store if you are unsure what size you need.

We can generally recommend 1/2″ (12 mm) diameter wheel, it provides easier and deeper scoring on harder tiles. It is also extremely durable, so you can count on it to last for years to come.

Can you sharpen a Sigma Tile Cutter wheel?

Absolutely, this can be done with a dressing stone, specifically made for the purpose, or a tile rubbing stone will do the trick, a piece of concrete will also work. Run the blade through the rubbing stone or the dressing stone several times to Dress the blade and make it cut like new.

What cities does FlooReno serve?

Ottawa Locations We Serve

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If you are in the market for high-quality tile cutters from Sigma, you’ll want to take advantage of the great prices that we offer at FlooReno. We invite you to drop by or contact any of our locations. We look forward to serving you!

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