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We continuously work to stock our stores with quality concrete and mortar products from Sakrete. Want to get a taste of the products you can find at FlooReno? Then we invite you to peruse some of the Sakrete line of products from our stores below.

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Sakrete offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners and construction professionals. From asphalt repair products that deliver durability and cost-effectiveness to their ready-to-use concrete mixes, Sakrete has cemented its reputation as a trusted choice in the industry. Their line of concrete repair products provides effective solutions for restoring and enhancing damaged concrete structures, safeguarding their longevity and structural integrity. Shop FlooReno’s catalogue of Sakrete products online or visit us in-store.

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For decades, Sakrete has been setting the standard in the construction industry, providing expertise and innovative solutions. As the foremost manufacturer of concrete building and hardscape products in North America, Sakrete prides itself on product quality and consistency.

From major infrastructure projects to everyday repairs, professionals and DIY enthusiasts trust Sakrete to deliver exceptional results. With a steadfast commitment to optimizing strength, speed, and workability, Sakrete’s unique formulations are engineered to surpass expectations.

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Answers To your Questions

Sakrete FAQs.

What's the difference between concrete and Sakrete?

Concrete is a building material made from a mixture of aggregates (like sand and gravel), cement, and water. Sakrete is a brand name that produces pre-mixed concrete and other concrete-related products. Essentially, concrete is the material, and Sakrete is a brand that makes concrete mix among other products.

How long does Sakrete take to harden?

Sakrete takes approximately six hours to harden.

Does Sakrete expire?

Yes, Sakrete does expire. When stored under ideal conditions, Sakrete will maintain its full reactivity for up to 12 months before losing some effectiveness.

Is it ok if it rains on newly applied Sakrete?

It’s not ideal for it to rain on newly applied Sakrete (or any fresh concrete mix) before it has had a chance to cure. Rain can damage the surface, weaken the concrete, or cause it to cure improperly. It’s best to protect new concrete from rain for at least 24 to 48 hours to ensure proper strength and curing.

Can you use Sakrete for a driveway?

Yes, you can use Sakrete for a driveway. Sakrete offers various concrete mixes suitable for driveway construction and repair, including high-strength concrete mixes designed to withstand the load and wear of vehicle traffic. It’s important to choose the right mix for your project requirements and properly prepare the site and subbase for durability and longevity.

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Andrew M. – Fantastic service! Kareem helped us from start to finish. In an industry where you could easily be led astray I would highly recommend this company. They take care of you and their products are excellent.

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Diane X. – We went to buy supplies and tiles for our bathroom, and they had everything I needed. Truly a one stop shop!! Thank you for your service!! : )

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Hussein H. – The selection a pricing is top notch, and the service is even better. Shawna was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend to all of contactor friends. This is the place to go!!

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Napoleon P. – The place is clean and the prices are good…the products and tools are quality for a good price. ?

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Nour T. – I went in with my husband to pick flooring for our condo, and they were amazing to deal with. They made the process so easy, Kareem the manager was very easy to deal with and truly cares about his customers. I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

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If you are in the market for high-quality products from Sakrete, you’ll want to take advantage of the great prices that we offer at FlooReno. We invite you to drop by or contact any of our locations. We look forward to serving you!

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