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When you come to any of one FlooReno’s locations whether it be Mississauga, Toronto or Ottawa for your building supply needs, you can expect to find incredible rates on our products, and this includes Montolit tile cutters. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, you will expect to discover the best prices in our stores.

Additionally, for contractors we have a VIP program that our contractor clients can sign up for to take advantage of exclusive discounts and save big on their bulk purchases. So if you are looking for tile cutters in Toronto, Ottawa or Mississauga from Montolit, you’ll definitely want to visit our stores for high-quality, reliable and affordable products.

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Montolit tile cutters are trusted by professional contractors in the industry because of how easy it is to use these tools to cut all types of tiles.

So if you are in the market for a reliable tile cutter, you’ll definitely want to check out the available Montolit cutters at our three locations, in Mississauga, Ottawa and Toronto. These cutters are very good for easily cutting ceramics, porcelain, and glass, as well as having one of the most effective levers for tile cutters, speeding up the cutting process, and being easy to set up.

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Answers To your Questions

Frequent Questions From Our Customers.

Do Professional Tilers Use Montolit Manuel Cutters?

Yes Montolit tile cutters are internationally known for being a go-to for tiling professionals and contractors. Montolit cutters cut the straight lines and have robust engineered features that make your tile project faster and even more beautiful. This makes Montolit a must have for any contractor who plans to do any type of tiling jobs.

Are Montolit Manuel Tile Cutters Easy To Use?

Montolit tile cutters are complicated little pieces of technology. With hundreds of intricate parts all working together to ensure the perfect tile cut every time, Montolit Manuel Cutters can be intimidating for first time users. But Montolit cutters are designed for ease of use and simplicity so a quick over view of the manuel and a general understanding of saws and tiles is all you need to be able to operate a Montolit Manuel Tile Cutter.

What Blades Do Montolit Cutters Use?

Montolit Tile Cutters use only diamond for their blades. Diamond ensures that the cut is precise, straight and dead on. Diamond is the toughest material on earth, and because tile itself its very tough, diamond blades are completely necessary for cutting tiles professionally.

Why Go With a Manuel Cutter?

Electric tile cutters are built for quantity over quality. In areas where perfect cuts are not 100% necessary, they can be the perfect tool to cut tiles fairly straight and incredibly fast. But manuel cutters from Montolite have innovative features that were deliberately innovated and engineered to cut extremely straight tiles, everytime.

Why Trust Montolit Tile Cutters?

In the tile cutting business for almost 80 years, Montolit is trusted name by contractors all over the world and is often the undisputed go to for professional tile cutting equipment. You can be sure you are going with the best of the best with Montolit.

Where are Montolit Cutters Made?

Montolit likes to stick very firmly with tradition. The best tiles and tilers in the world all come from one country and that country is Italy. All of Montolit’s products are proudly manufactured in Italy and then shipped and distributed all over the world.

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