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ROCKWOOL offers a diverse range of stone wool insulation products designed to meet the rigorous demands of the construction industry. Opt for Safe’n’Sound range for superior fire resistance, or Comfortbatt for thermal insulation in exterior applications. ROCKWOOL Insulation provides reliable solutions that prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and sound dampening. With their non-combustible and GREENGUARD Gold Certified products, ROCKWOOL ensures a healthy environment. Experience the power of ROCKWOOL Insulation at FlooReno, shop wholesale online or visit us in store!

We offer a VIP Program for contractors, allowing them exclusive bulk discounts and substantial savings on wholesale purchases. Explore the range of ROCKWOOL Insulation products at FlooReno today!

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As the world’s leading manufacturer, ROCKWOOL is renowned for its commitment to high-quality and sustainable insulation solutions. With innovative stone wool technology at its core, ROCKWOOL offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the needs of the construction industry. From residential to commercial applications, ROCKWOOL Insulation products deliver superior fire resistance, acoustic performance, and thermal insulation properties.

With a focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and creating healthier indoor environments, ROCKWOOL is the brand of choice for those seeking reliable and effective insulation solutions. Experience the difference of ROCKWOOL Insulation with FlooReno today!

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Answers To your Questions

ROCKWOOl Insulation FAQs.

What is stone wool insulation?

Stone wool insulation is crafted by spinning molten rock and minerals together with steel slag, resulting in a cotton-candy-like wool product. Compressed into rolls and sheets, stone wool serves as a highly efficient insulation solution with notable sound-absorption and fire-resistant qualities. Its installation mirrors that of traditional batt insulation within wall cavities, offering flexibility or rigidity to cater to diverse requirements.

What happens if ROCKWOOL Insulation gets wet?

ROCKWOOL Insulation exhibits moisture resistance while maintaining vapor permeability. If the insulation encounters dampness or becomes wet, it can be restored to its original performance characteristics once thoroughly dried. Notably, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation does not wick water, ensuring that any bulk water contacting the outer surface will drain away without being absorbed into the insulation material.

Are ROCKWOOL Insulation products mold resistant?

ROCKWOOL Insulation, being inorganic, lack a conducive environment for mold growth as they provide no nutritional source. Rigorously tested according to ASTM C1338 – A Standard Test for Determining Fungi Resistance – ROCKWOOL products pass with flying colors, demonstrating zero fungal growth.

Is ROCKWOOL Insulation rodent resistant?

Determining rodent resistance lacks a standardized test method. However, ROCKWOOL’s recognition as a rodent-resistant insulation stems largely from positive feedback and testimonials from numerous customers, especially those in regions colloquially known as “cottage country.” While the insulation has shown resilience against rodents based on anecdotal evidence, it is advisable to take precautionary measures if specific pest-related challenges are prevalent in your area to safeguard the insulation.

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